Choosing a theme colour for a wedding is no so easy. It’s something that requires consultation from the bridegroom, as well. You have to share ideas to come up with compromised colour, the venue, lists of guests who will grace the occasion, budget, and other things that come with the wedding.

In today’s weddings, most brides are choosing to wear coloured lenses to blend with the theme of the wedding. There are different colours you can choose, for example, gold colour or any other depending on your preference.

In this article, we highlight how to choose the best contact lenses colours to blend with the theme of your wedding.

Favourite Colours 

Which colours do you love most? Chose a contact lens colour that pleases you most rather than being guided by the choice of other people. You may have attended a wedding and became so interested in the theme colour. To arrive at that colour, those who were wedding had many other factors to consider, and the colour was just one of them.

Be proud of your own choice of colour, and you’ll never be disappointed. Your colour taste is your choice, no regret about it, and no matter what shade you chose, that is your right decision from your heart. A wedding is too way, consult your partner before you settle on your choice.

The Extent of Colour Use 

Where in particular to you intend to apply the colour. Is it only with the maids’ dresses or even the reception’s floral setups? Mix and match chose colours that blend well together, avoiding too many colours that may look unattractive. Avoid a contact lens colour that would clash and dampen the spirit of your wedding.


Each season of the year has its own colours. The same goes for the choice of contact lenses colours. I don’t think you may opt to have your wedding in winter, where the colour of dressing matters less. A wedding in spring sounds a good idea since that’s when the flowers blossoms after winter. The choice of colours is wide and especially red and orange colours pop up during this season.

The flowers create a vibrant atmosphere in their nature. A garden wedding in spring where different shades of flowers emerge is quite fantastic. Already nature has decorated the event only a little is required from your end. A brighter colour will not just align with the beautiful colours of the flowers but will also brighten your wedding’s mood.

Type or Style of Your Wedding 

There are many classifications of weddings. I will pick a few to help you understand what it is all about, as the list is not exhaustive.  The style will determine the choice of your contact lenses.

Tropical wedding – if you live in a tropical country, it’s ideal for a personality couple. It may be conducted on the beach, garden, or poolside. Modern minimalist wedding fits edgy couples who mind so much about the style can hold their wedding in lofts or rooftops. The country’s wedding will be away from bustles and hustles of the town with plenty of space available in the field.

A vintage wedding is where you are tracing your family’s roots, for example, our grandma by making a replica of what she wore on her wedding day. You would even choose to wear her pearl in her remembrance. Botanical wedding demands a green venue with trees, flowers, or in other words, nature-themed wedding. Bohemian is for those who love mix and matches of multiple colours. You can still make it interesting by creating some elegance.

A nautical wedding is conducted near the sea or lake shores and beaches. A floral wedding involves laying bouquets in vases spreading all over the wedding venue. What will catch the eyes of your guests are the overdoing of flower decorations. Lastly, a thematic wedding is where you chose a particular inspiration and name your wedding as such. Such an inspirational name will be a memory.

It will help you to choose the colour depending on the lass of your wedding. For instance, if it’s a beach wedding, consider teal and lime green, coral & yellow, rich purple and turquoise, navy and pink, peach, coral and navy or blue and white. Explore more to know exactly the colour that fits the type of wedding of your dream.

contact lenses colour for your wedding

Favourite Colour

Your favourite colour is your sure bet. Center all other secondary colours on you like most. Incorporate only the colours which you feel will work out together with your main colour. They should not dilute your best choice. Make your best colour the most dominant and to your satisfaction. What matters most is this colour, and it has to control all other colours.

Holiday Inspiration 

You may decide to have your wedding during a particular holiday or event in a year. For instance, you may wish to have your wedding fall on valentine, Easter, Xmas, or New Year’s Eve. If near year eve a black and gold would look fantastic as this is the colour for such occasion. Valentine thinks of red, white and pink, and your wedding will look fantastic.

Final decision

You may not be in a position to arrive at any choice of colour. Some people have difficulties in making choices. For inspiration, you require to choose and make the comparison a variety of shades. With the help of the colour wheel, you’ll reach a decisive conclusion and chose a favourite colour


A wedding is an event you will always remember in your lifetime. It’s so memorable that you are unlikely to forget your wedding day just as you would not forget your birthday. Whether your marriage will be sustained or not, the day is just memorable to you as if it happened yesterday. There is no doubt that the colour of your contact lenses will depend on several factors.

You would wish your wedding to appear unique, special, and beautified by the best colour of your choice. Don’t dampen your mood on your wedding day, choose your most favourite that will excite you as a couple and your guests too.

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