Your lifestyle, or the way you live your life, can impact your physical and mental health either positively or negatively. Lifestyle can be broken down to your dressing, body exercise, your eating habits etc. 

You have probably come across or read about over a hundred lifestyle ideas out there, and one healthy lifestyle as I mentioned above, is keeping your body fit through workouts, stretching, walks etc. There are several ways to keep your body fit, but I will focus more on yoga in this instance. 

Some advantages of taking up yoga are: 

  • It increases your flexibility 
  • Yoga is fun! 
  • Enhances controlled breathing 
  • It helps increase concentration and focus 
  • Improved body balance 
  • Researchers say that yoga can decrease stress and depression by calming your mind. 

Now you might begin to understand why yoga features so high among the lifestyle ideas that I am listing as beneficial for your physical and mental fitness, strength and alertness. Different yoga poses benefit different parts of your body. There is yoga poses for your abs, back, arms, belly, chest, hands, feet, bladder, hips, knees, lower back, pelvis, shoulders, spine, thighs etc. Already you can guess that yoga then is a good thing for you, as sometimes people exercise a few muscles or a few body parts and overlook the rest, creating an imbalance in body fitness. 

Some important yoga exercises that will help you mentally and physically: 

Stand on your feet and then lean backwards until your arms touch the ground, while your feet rest on your toes only. This pose is good for your chest, knees and spine. Mentally, is relieves stress. 

Stand on the soles of your feet and then lean forward until your palms rest on the floor. Keep your back straight and at right angles with your legs. This pose is great for your hamstrings and back, and since your head is lower than your back it increases oxygen and blood flow in the brain and as a result has a revitalizing and calming effect on your mind. 

Kneel on the floor and then lean forward with your stomach on your thighs and your arms on the floor and your forehead on the floor. Your rear should rest on your ankles and you should inhale and exhale slowly for at least 2 minutes. This is great for relief of neck muscles, hip joints, and back relief. 

A pose that requires more flexibility of your feet is sitting on the floor and folding your legs one on the other. Place your hands on your knees and keep your spine and head straight. This pose is great for keeping your hips flexible, calming the mind and easing of lower abdomen pains. 

Clasp your hands together, and rest one sole of your feet on the other leg’s knee so that you find you are standing on one leg. This pose is great for enhancing body balance and is good for your leg muscles, but more so increases your body’s and brain’s coordination. 

So here are other great lifestyle ideas that will help you keep fit, mentally and physically: 


walk and walk some more when you can help it. Ignore the elevator and walk up the stairs! Sometimes ignore your car and just walk the shorter distances. This is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted body fats, decreases chances of heart disease, etcetera. 

Healthy eating: 

We are sure you have heard so much about this one. Fruits, vegetables, foods rich in proteins [e.g. beans and meat], foods rich in carbohydrates [e.g. corn products, bread or flour products] Make breakfast your main meal. 

Avoid sleeping late. Occasionally you may need to sleep late depending on your job, probably. Just ensure you sleep enough hours. Six hours a day is good for an adult. 

Avoid stressful things or situations you know will cause you stress. Have a positive frame of mind, and avoid people, places or conditions that seem to cause negativity as this will only lead to stress. 

And that’s it! In a nutshell, my lifestyle ideas in this discussion have been about having not only a fit physical form but a fit mental form as well. As we have seen, yoga is a great option for mental and physical fitness and stress relief. But physical exercise or workouts alone are not enough, therefore try to combine all above-listed lifestyle ideas.

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